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 Photos provided courtesy of: Gerry Kehoe - Innitou-Photo.com
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Unless otherwise noted, "Woburn Wildlife" photos were provided courtesy of: Gerry Kehoe of Innitiou Photo. Gerry, a WREN member, is local naturalist and accomplished nature photographer. You can view more of Gerry's work at: www.innitou-photo.com or email: mothernature@rcn.com


 Perching Birds-Tufted Titmouse-02
 Perching birds-Tree Swallows-01
 Perching Birds-Downey Woodpecker-Female
 Perching Birds-Cardinal-01
 Birds-Birds of Prey-Red Tail Hawk-Immature-01
 Birds-Birds of Prey-Red Tail Hawk-02
 Birds-Birds of Prey-Osprey-01