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2003 Activities
 Woburn's 1st Arbor Day Observence - Monday, December 1, 2003
Mayor John Curran held Woburn's 1st Arbor Day Observence and Proclamation in front of the Clapp School. This was the last of four standards that must be in place for the City of Woburn to apply for Tree City USA status.
Present at the Arbor Day Observence were: Mayor John Curran, Fred Russell from Woburn's DPW, several WREN members and teachers and students from the Clapp School.
A crew from Heimlich's Landscaping planted two flowering trees along Arlington Rd. (in front of the Clapp School).
The next step is for the City of Woburn to submit an application applying for Tree City USA status.

If you are interested in helping with the Tree City USA program, please email FSMedeiros@aol.com

 Nobember 29, 2003 - Festival on the Common
WREN's booth at the 2003 Festival on the Common celebration. From left to right: Robert Mercer, Gerry Kehoe, Rodney Flynn, Joan Farr and Dick Farr. Thanks go out to all that lent a hand. First to our Chili cookers and Corn Bread & Brownie bakers: Gerry Kehoe, Areve Alexander, Maureen Vallis, Joan Farr, Clare Hurley and Rod Flynn and second to all those that supplied equipment and helped out at our stand: Gerry Kehoe, June Mackenzie, Cookie Beauchamp, Dick & Joan Farr, John Ciriello, Tracey Harwood and Rodney Flynn.
 Saturday, November 8, 2003 - Goodyear School Academic Fair
Left to right: Gerry Kehoe, Rick Danielson, Leslie Danielson, John Ciriello, Sharon Ballachino, Jane Murphy and Fel Medeiros.
 Saturday, November 1, 2003 - Bedford Rd. Clean Up
From Left to right: Areve Alexander, Fel Medeiros, Eric Blomberg, Kathleen Bellicchi and Rodny Flynn. A little cleaning along Bedford Road by the power lines today. Two new faces joined in on the work, Eric Blomberg & Kathleen Bellicchi residents of Hammond Place, who came in answer to Areve's last minute notice. Our little group picked up the vast majority of the trash along both sides of that stretch of Bedford Road.
 Saturday, October 26, 2003 - Halloween Parade
WREN's 2003 Halloween Parade float was made possible with the help of: Cheryl Heimlich of Heimlich Nurseries - Plant materials for the float. Paul Costello of Costello Landscaping - Truck and Trailer
Thank you to Maureen MacCarthy of Heimlich Nurseries and all the WREN members who helped put together the WREN float. A special thank you to Ed Quinn and his son for providing the sound equipment for the float.
 WREN participates in the Lions 49th Halloween Parade - October 2003
Gerry Kehoe, Kermit and Cheryl Heimlich try out the bench on the float.
 Saturday, October 18, 2003 Middlesex Canal Trail Clearing
On Saturday, October 18th, WREN (Woburn Residents' Environmental Network) along with the Woburn Historical Commission and help from SCI's Woburn Youth Council completed a project we started this spring. The project was the clearing of the Middlesex Canal "Tow-Path" from the Baldwin Mansion on Alfred Street all the way to School Street. The project was finished in a timely manner as the Middlesex Canal Association led an "Historical Walk" along the Canal that same afternoon.
After all the work was completed, everyone met at the Thompson Library for a Pizza Party supplied by SCI & WREN. Here WREN member and Woburn Historical Commission chairman, John Ciriello, gave a history lesson on the Middlesex Canal complete with all the facts and figures including some artifacts from that time that are on display at the Thompson Library.
 Lisa Weiss and Marie Price planting daffodils
 Saturday, September 13, 2003 - Daffodil Planting at Woburn Parkway
 2003 Garden Awards - Winners and Honorable Mentions
 2003 Photo Awards Winners
 2003 Garden and Photo Awards at City Hall - 2nd floor view
 2003 Garden and Photo Awards Celebration at City Hall
48 Nichols St Ext. - Nancy Danielson
16 Rose Farm Lane - Carmela DeFilippo
40 Wood Street - William Mistretta
2 Webster Avenue - James Moore
31 Mayflower Road - Doreen Koor
80 Pearl Street - Ginny Maloney

12 South Bedford Street - Maureen McCarthy
12 Cassidy Drive - Michael Viezens
5 Sherman Place - Ed & Janet Capone
73 Green Street - Ellen Airhart
19 Nichols Street - Dorothy Hakanson
3 Morningside Drive - Benjamin Curreri
23 Nichols St Ext - Carol Lowther
36 Nichols St Ext - Hidiko
70 Elm Street - Jay Amandola
7 Crescent Road - Ruth Coffee
5 Jones Avenue - Tim & Jean Pineau

11 Fortune Road - Paul Miele
24 Scott Street - David Raftery
201 Main St (Village Estates) - Mary Frances Renner
Nichols Street Ext - Senior Housing Complex

 Citizens Park Concert a tremendous Success!
The August 8, 2003 Citizens Park Concert was a trementous success! All who attended had a wonderful time listening to "Sambossa" a local Brazilian jazz trio. The event was sponsored by Cafe Amante, WREN, SCI and the Woburn Redevelopment Authority. Stay tuned for more Friday Night Concerts at Citizens Park. Click HERE to view MORE PHOTOS
WREN is joining SCI (Social Capital Initiative, Inc.) and the Woburn Historic Commission in launching this new community photography contest.
Photo must be taken in Woburn between Aug. 1, 2002 and Aug. 1, 2003 and fall into one of the following categories:
  1. Woburn’s Conservation Areas – Sponsored by WREN (Woburn Residents Environmental Network)
  2. Woburn’s Historic Buildings &/or Heritage – Sponsored by the Woburn Historic Commission
  3. Woburn Volunteerism in Action – Sponsored by SCI (Woburn’s Social Capital Initiative)
 SCI (Social Capital Inc.) Leadership Woburn program
Leadership Woburn is an adult leadership development program that helps to build a cadre of Woburn civic leaders. A diverse group of individuals will participate in this 10 month program. Participants will develop and strengthen their civic leadership skills and enhance their knowledge of community issues. Throughout the program, participants will consider how they can build social capital as leaders; that is, how they can encourage connections among diverse community members, and how to encourage involvement in community activities.
 Thursday, July 17 - WREN members lend a hand at Woburn Senior Center
Photo by Joe Brown
 June 7, 2003 - WREN booth at Native American Pow Wow
WREN booth at Woburn Historical Commission's "Native American Pow Wow" held in front of the Altavesta School Saturday and Sunday, June 7th and 8th. Left to right: Tracey Harwood and Joan "Cookie" Beauchamp
 Rod Flynn and John Ciriello planting tree.
 May 30, 2003 - Tree planting at Hurld School
Joan "Cookie" Beauchamp and John Ciriello along with Hurld School students planting tree in front of the Hurld School.
 Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 7:00pm - Slide Presentation - "Woburn Preservation - Past, Present and Future"
Please join WREN and the Woburn Historical Commission on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 7:00pm at the Joyce Middle School Auditorium for a fascinating slide presentation by Gerry Kehoe and Tom Smith entitled "Woburn Preservation, Past Present and Future".

Did you know the Baldwin mansion in North Woburn was moved from its original site to the present location? Do you know how it was moved? Do you know its historical significance? If not, and you are interested in finding out, don't miss this opportunity to view Tom Smith's slide presentation on the moving of the Baldwin mansion.

Have you seen all of Woburn's conservation areas? Seen the magical transformation that takes place at Horn Pond with the changing of seasons? Enjoyed the breathtaking view from the top of Rag Rock? Experienced the peacefulness of Shaker Glen? If not, you won't want to pass up this opportunity to enjoy these and other Woburn conservation areas as seen through the camera lenses of our very own naturalist, Gerry Kehoe.

 WREN is for everyone!
" WREN is a living, breathing, dynamic entity all unto its own; I love the individual components as well as the whole. It's a powerful, contagious idea in action."

--Tracey Harwood

 April 26, 2003 - Earth Day at Woburn Mall
April 19th, 10:00 am till 1:00 pm at the Woburn Mall
 MIDDLESEX CANAL Cleanup on April 13 was a big success!
Woburn's National Youth Service Day project was a big success. Over 60 volunteers participated in tis event and were able to clear a large extension of the Canal's tow path. This project was a joint effort by WREN, SCI and the Woburn Historical Commission. It was made possible through an AT&T Cares Youth Service Action Fund grant. Special thanks go to the various organizations and individuals who made this project possible and to Mayor Curran for working alongside with the other volunteers and proclaiming April 13 "National Youth Service Day" in Woburn.
 Sunday, April 13 - Historic MIDDLESEX CANAL CLEAN UP
Join us for a cleanup of the old Middlesex Canal towpath starting at the Baldwin Mansion on Alfred Street and ending at School Street in North Woburn. Begining at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 13th, Betty Bigwood from the Middlesex Canal Association will kick off the event with a talk about the history of this important canal, and the major role it played in our Commonwealth's history. A tutorial about the areas we will clear will follow and then volunteers will go to work. We plan to attempt to clear about 1/4 mile of young trees from the canal's tow path, before they grow large and change the historic shape of the site. Pizza and refreshments will be served at the end of the event (some time between 1:00 and 2:00). Join us for a few hours of history and community participation and pride!
 Middlesex Canal's Tow path
Did you know that if a mercury thermometer breaks, the spilled mercury is toxic and can pose a serious health threat to you and your family?
Woburn residents can bring mercury fever thermometers to the EARTH DAY EVENT, WOBURN MALL, SATURDAY, APRIL 26th, between 10am and 2pm and receive a FREE digital thermometer or forehead thermometer as a replacement, one per household while supplies last.
Please bring thermometers in original cases or another rigid container, such as a toothbrush case. This one-day event is sponsored by the Woburn Board of Health.
 Saturday, April 19 - Horn Pond Planting Project
Calling all hands…big ones and small to become part of WREN's Horn Pond Beautification Team for our Horn Pond Planting at the Foley Beach flagpole area. We are looking for individuals who have perennials to divide and would like to donate them for planting.
If you have plant donations for WREN's Horn Pond Beautification Project, please send an email to WRENmail@yahoo.com with a list of plants you would like to donate.
WREN's 2003 plans for Horn Pond and other Woburn Conservation Areas includes the planting of hardy perennials. We welcome your donations of specimens of non invasive plants or bulbs from your garden or a local nursery.
Why is naturalizing Horn Ponds shoreline with perennial plantings a good idea? Naturalizing Horn Pond's shorelines with flowering perennials not only enhances the beauty and color of the Horn Pond area but, it also helps protect water quality by slowing runoff, reducing erosion, and filtering nutrients that can cause algal blooms. It also provides habitat for wildlife and can deter nuisance species like Canada geese.
 Help keep Woburn Conservation Areas Green and Clean!
Saturday mornings at 9:00am, WREN members walk Woburn conservation areas and pick up any visible trash along the way.
If you can't join us on Saturday's, there's still something you can do! Whenever you visit one of Woburn's conservation areas, carry out what you bring in and, if you can, pick up any visible trash along the way and drop it in a trash barrel.
Setting an example by not littering and picking up a little trash will show others that you care about Woburn.
Each one of us can make a difference in the greening of Woburn! Going for a walk? Bring a plastic grocery bag with you and pick-up a little bit of trash along the way. YOU can make a difference!
 First signs of Spring at Horn Pond!
Daffodils WREN planted at Horn Pond along Arlington Road are now peeking up from the ground!
 Helping hands at WREN's Horn Pond walk on Saturday, March 8, 2003
Join us for WREN's weekly walk around Horn Pond! We start at 12:00 noon each Saturday morning from Ice House Park on Sturgis St.
Photo by Fel Medeiros
 Feb 11, 2003 - Science Night at Altavesta School
WREN members Judy Woods, Marie Coady, Rod Flynn, John Ciriello and Fel Medeiros participated in the Altavesta School's "Science Night". WREN had information about recycling, composting and how to building a bird house.
 Thursday, January 9 - City of Woburn Vision 2020 Session
Woburn Vision 2020. Help shape Woburn's future by attending the next City of Woburn Vision 2020 session on Thursday, January 9, at 7 p.m. at the Shamrock School on Green St. Click HERE for the Woburn Daily Times article that provides more information, or call the City of Woburn Planning Board at 781.932.4417.
 Weeks of Jan 6 and Jan 13 - Woburn Christmas Tree Collection
Christmas Tree Collection will the the week of January 6 and January 13 on your regular trash collection day. Please have trees out by 7am and ensure it is not in a plastic bag or stuck in the snow and ice. If your tree was missed, please call the Woburn Board of Health the next day at 781-932-4407.