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 Share Your Passion...Protect The Trust

Do you know something about birds, butterflies, wild plants or animals?
Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others?
Are you a photographer?
Do you like to write?
Are you a whiz at research?
An idea person?
A natural born leader?

Whatever your skills or passions, WREN can use your help. There is much which can be done to help preserve the Cummings Estate. If you would like to help protect the environmental resources of this area for generations to come, contact WREN: WRENmail@yahoo.com.

- Sally Ryken

 Cath's List: What YOU Can Do to Preserve the Trust
  • Write to Mayor Menino and Attorney General Martha Coakley and tell them in no uncertain terms that to break Mary's Trust would be a travesty of justice:

    Ms. Martha Coakley
    Massachusetts Attorney General
    One Ashburton Place
    Boston, MA 02108
    Email Attorney General Martha Coakley: ago@ago.state.ma.us

    Mr. Thomas M. Menino
    Mayor of Boston
    1 City Hall Plaza
    Boston, MA 02201
    Email Mayor Thomas M. Menino: Mayor@cityofboston.gov

  • Tell all your friends about Mary's Trust and ask them to write letters. Or ask if they simply want to be put on the contact list for updates.

  • If you go for a walk through Mary's land, ask anyone you see if they are aware that Boston is trying to break the trust and sell the land. Ask if they would like to help prevent the sale or simply be kept informed. Email their contact information to Cath Moore at: ycmore@gis.net.

  • Email your contact information to Cath Moore at: ycmore@gis.net so that you can stay informed.

  • Volunteer your suggestions, your time, or your talents to the effort to prevent the breaking of Mary's Trust.

- Cath Moore

 Help Us Maintain the Beauty of the Cummings Estate

Photo: On Saturday, March 11, 2006 a group of WREN members and friends, armed with trash bags, visited the Cummings Estate and picked up several bags of trash.

WREN members and volunteers from other towns have contributed countless hours to cleaning beer cans, old car parts, and other trash from the Cummings Estate over the past year. The Woburn and Burlington Departments of Public Works have been invaluable in helping to clear away the resulting bags and piles of debris. These efforts have helped to make the Cummings Estate a beautiful place to visit, once again.

But people who use the estate continue to bring in new rubbish, and we can use your help to keep up with it. If you visit the Cummings Estate, please bring a few empty grocery bags with you, and fill them up with any trash you see along the trails. You can also move larger items like old tires, etc., close to the roads. Just drop an email to WRENmail@yahoo.com, and we'll ask the DPW to help us by picking these items up.

- Sally Ryken

Sunday, March 12, 2006. A bathtub is removed from the Cummings Estate. From left to right: Sally Ryken, Leslie Pappas, John Pappas and Rod Flynn.

Sunday, March 26, 2006: Some of the trash hauled out of the Cummings Estate by John and Leslie Pappas included 4 tires, a bedframe, assorted car parts, a 9-foot section of guardrail, and a couple bags of trash (1 including rusted old car parts).

There is plenty of 'spring cleaning' left to do at the Cummings Estate. After all, it has taken years for this trash to accumulate. If you would like to lend a hand, contact WREN at WRENmail@yahoo.com