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Wild Waterfowl
     Stale Bread - It's NOT for the Birds

    Day-old bread is great for making croutons, stuffing, and even bread pudding. What it is not good for is feeding the ducks, geese and other wild waterbirds at Horn Pond or elsewhere. In fact, feeding these birds can do them a great deal of harm. To find out why, check out this brochure written by Jim Eckler and produced by the Woburn Conservation Commission:

    If you are still tempted to share your leftover bread, crackers and other goodies with wild waterfowl, realize that it is also illegal to do so in Woburn:

      Woburn Municipal Code, Section 6-32 (beginning on page 21):

      Feeding or baiting of migratory waterfowl

      A. No person, except the Director of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, or his agent, designee, as authorized pursuant to Chapter 131 of the General Laws, shall feed or bait any WATERFOWL or of [sic] the family of Anatidae (including, but not restricted to ducks, geese and swans) at any place within the City of Woburn. As used in this paragraph, 'feeding' and 'baiting' shall mean placing, exposing, depositing, distributing, or scattering, directly or indirectly, of shelled, shucked, or unshucked corn, wheat, or other grain, bread, salt, or any other feed or nutritive substances, in any manner or form, so as to consitute for such birds a lure, attraction, or enticement to, on, or over any such areas where such feed items have been placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, or scattered.

      D. Any person who violates any provision of this ordinance shall be subject to a fine of Five Dollars ($5.00) for each offense thereof.

    For more information on why it is not a good idea to feed wild waterfowl, see these websites: