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Shaker Glen June 4
 Donna O'Rourke - Silvermine Road
' What a beautiful spot! And right in my neighborhood. For a long time I've wanted to see the Shaker Glen conservation area, and I tried about a dozen years ago to do so on my own. But I didn't get very far on the overgrown path.
Congratulations to all of the WREN volunteers who worked hard to make this area so agreeable and accessible. I'll be going back ... and bringing friends and family to see it as well. '

' The walk was very interesting my friends and I enjoyed it. Gerry did a super job she kept everything interesting throughout the walk. It is a very nice place and very enjoyable. '

 Aunt Judy
' What a wonderful turnout for the WREN walk. Joe and I just decided to go ahead and enjoy the peace and quiet. He had never been there and was amazed, we did run into Ed Quinn and son and another 2 couples walking on the far path too. What a great job all round. The trails marked, the bridges, just amazing. '

 Jack and Judy Britt
' Thank you for the opportunity to go on the tour of Shaker Glen. Jack and I really enjoyed it. The bridges were awesome. The logistics of bringing in the materials must have been quite an undertaking. Would you please pass our appreciation on to the members of WREN. '
 Gail Burke
great job!!!
when the kids were little we used to go down there twice a year, spring and fall. Also took many a girl or boy scout troop through there in the late seventies. If we ever stay home I hope to enjoy the 'glen' again.
 Barbara Johnson
I will plead with you people to please do this walking tour again, maybe in July or August.