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Birding Basics
     Birding Basics
    Bird-watching is a perfect activity for outdoor enthusiasts. It's an exciting, inexpensive, easy to start activity that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

    Birding is something you can do at your back yard feeder, local habitats such as one of Woburn’s Conservation Areas, or combine your birding interests with the travel bug and take trips to see birds that live in a certain environment.

    WREN periodically sponsors bird walks throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

    Some basic items to help you get started:

  • A pair of binoculars allows you to get better looks at the birds. This will assist you identifying the birds, as well as give a better appreciation of their coloration and field markings.
  • A good field guide to help you identify the species you come across
  • The internet is a great resource for local and national birding clubs that lead walks, post sightings of what others have seen, and periodically have talks on a variety of subjects. ( Birding Links )
  • Most especially, take the time to explore and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!