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Bird Watching
 Sunday, September 19, 2004 - BIRD WALK 4:30pm to 7:00pm
Diana Fruguglietti and Paul Ippolito of Woburn co-led a WREN sponsored Bird Walk at the Horn Pond Conservation Area on Sunday, September 19th. A group of 14 participants of varying ages and birding experience sought out and found their 3 target birds for the day; the Belted Kingfisher, Eastern Bluebird, and Wood Duck. Among other birds; the grand finale was an Osprey displaying his fishing skill over the main pond.
If you are interested in joining us for this walk, please meet us at 4:30pm at Ice House Park on Sturgis Street or send an email to: WRENmail@yahoo.com

Diana Fruguglietti and Paul Ippolito at Horn Pond Mountain in Woburn

About Diana Fruguglietti:

I have always loved to travel and have always been drawn to the outdoors: hiking, biking, kayaking, mountain climbing and experiencing beautiful natural scenery. Photography has always been a passion - although I have not yet mastered photographing birds, given the current limitations of our digital camera lenses. I find now looking back on previous trips the hints that I have always loved birds, but I only became addicted to finding and watching them in the last 3 years. The turning point was our trip to Tanzania, Africa 3 years ago with the purpose of enjoying all the wildlife from the land rover. But while the elephants, giraffes, lions, and leopards were beautiful, the birds are what really caught my eye - breathtaking in color, the variety incredible and so cooperative in viewing closely. From then on, I was determined to find all the birds that either inhabit or migrate through our area as well as to continue to travel to exotic locations. I joined the Arlington Bird listserv and read all the sightings of birds in our local area. Every time I read about a bird that I was unfamiliar with, I looked it up in my fieldguide. Later we joined the Brookline Bird Club and routinely participated in weekend walks. Learning a lot from the email lists and trip leaders, soon we were helping other new birders. A new passion was born. Now we lead walks for the Menotomy Bird Club and for Wren.
Our travels have now turned into birding trips: Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Arizona, Florida, Machias Seal Island in Maine, Cape May in NJ, .....
I have lived in Woburn for the last 18 years (previously from Fitchburg) and didn't discover Horn Pond until I got my dog. Horn Pond has always been our dog's favorite place to walk. In his younger days we used to power walk the pond, but now as he is 16 we take leisurely strolls and enjoy watching the birds along the way.

 Birding Basics
Bird-watching is a perfect activity for outdoor enthusiasts. It's an exciting, inexpensive, easy to start activity that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Birding is something you can do at your back yard feeder, local habitats such as one of Woburn’s Conservation Areas, or combine your birding interests with the travel bug and take trips to see birds that live in a certain environment.

WREN periodically sponsors bird walks throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Some basic items to help you get started:

  • A pair of binoculars allows you to get better looks at the birds. This will assist you identifying the birds, as well as give a better appreciation of their coloration and field markings.
  • A good field guide to help you identify the species you come across
  • The internet is a great resource for local and national birding clubs that lead walks, post sightings of what others have seen, and periodically have talks on a variety of subjects. ( Birding Links )
  • Most especially, take the time to explore and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Paul Ippolito
     Swan at Horn Pond lagoon.
    This photo was taken in late April at the lagoon in the Horn Pond conservation area.

    Photo by: Gang Liu

    (Candy and chocolate can be fatal to animals! Please do not NOT feed waterfowl.)