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Conservation Area Cleanup
     Responsible dog owners at Horn Pond
    Responsible dog owners, like the ones pictured to the left, can also help keep the trails clean by picking up after their pets.

    There are three "Poop Scoop Bag" dispensers and trash bin disposal stations along the Woburn Parkway on the West side of Horn Pond.

    Why it’s important to pick-up after your dog:
    Dog droppings can pose a serious health hazard. Diseases can be transmitted to humans by direct contact and through flies and parasites. (Remember that children often play in areas where dogs may have been.)

    Responsible dog owners always pick up after their dogs.

     Join WREN's Weekly Walks at Horn Pond on Saturday Mornings
    Join Rod Flyn, Lisa Weiss and other WREN members for our weekly walk around Horn Pond! We start off at 7:00am on Saturday mornings from Ice House Park on Sturgis Street (weather permitting).
    If you would like learn more about WREN or want to help us keep Woburn's Conservation areas clean, email us at WRENmail@yahoo.com