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 Sunday, June 26, 2005 - WREN's Woburn Garden Tour
WREN's first 'Woburn Garden Tour' took place on Sunday, June 26, 2005

The tour was organized by WREN (Woburn Residents' Environmental Network) under the direction of Joan Farr.

Woburn's 1st Garden Tour was a great success and could not have happened without:

The generous support of NSTAR, our sponsor

The gardeners who opened their beautiful garden for all to enjoy

The various businesses and newspapers who helped promote the event and sold tickets

The garden visitors who supported the event through their ticket purchases

The many WREN volunteers who helped make the event

From left to right: Joan Farr, coordinator of the 'Woburrn Garden Tour' along with volunteers Dick Farr and Mary Price.
Featured in the Tour were 10 of Woburn's most beautiful gardens.

All who attended had a wonderful time.
The private gardens featured outstanding landscaping.
Individual gardeners were present at each of the gardens to answer questions about their gardens.

Please visit us again for more information about WREN's 'Woburn Garden Tour'

CLICK HERE to VIEW PHOTOS of the 2004 Woburn Garden Awards winners

Make great compost in your backyard with your leaves! If you add green grass clippings, manure, or some other source of nitrogen to the leaves, they will decompose through the winter.
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