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About us
 WREN's Mission Statement
Woburn Residents' Environmental Network (WREN)

We are dedicated to helping Woburn conserve and protect our environment and natural resources. We will work with our neighbors and our City officials to promote environmental awareness, support community conservation activities, and implement educational programs that develop a sense of environmental stewardship.

Chair - Gerry Kehoe @ mothernature@rcn.com

Treasurer - Rodney Flynn @ rodneyflynn@yahoo.com

Recording Secretary - Patricia Carpenter @ patriciatoby@aol.com

Clerk - Ed Quinn @ bosstang@rcn.com

 What is WREN?
WREN is a grassroots organization of volunteers. It provides opportunities for Woburn residents of all ages and backgrounds to appreciate and protect Woburn's Conservation areas.

Whether you want to get involved 2 hours per year or 2 hours per week, you can help keep Woburn green through WREN.