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Stewardship Program
    The Stewardship Committee is a group of volunteers formed with the approval of the Woburn Conservation Commission.

    The Stewards help protect Woburn Conservation areas by visiting the sites and reporting problems such as trail erosion or litter accumulations to a Steward Coordinator who, in turn, reports to the Conservation Commission.

    Stewards may also, if they wish, clear trails blocked by fallen trees or branches, assist with litter pickup, and guide walks for the public, among other tasks.

    Conservation areas may have several stewards.

    If you are interested in becoming a steward or would like to join other WREN members in cleaning up Woburn's Conservation areas, send us an e-mail.

    Steward Coordinator:
    Gerry Kehoe: mothernature@rcn.com

    Battle Road Steward:
    Joe Brown: joe@joebrownphotos.com

    Cranberry Bog Steward:
    Judy Woods: auntjudyw@aol.com

    Forest Park Steward:
    Rod Flynn: RodneyFlynn@yahoo.com

    Horn Pond Steward:
    Gerry Kehoe: mothernature@rcn.com

    Rag Rock Steward:
    Dave Mallard: dmallard@rcn.com

    Shaker Glen Steward:
    Marie Coady mcoady@comcast.net