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Photo Contest 2006
 2006 Winning Photos

We tabulated all the votes and are happy to announce the 10 winning photos of WREN's 2006 Photo Contest!

The winning photos will be displayed at a special award presentation ceremony, which will be held at City Hall on a Sunday shortly following that.

The ten winning photos will be used to make note cards, which WREN will sell in sets of five to raise money for its various projects.

The 125 photos entered in the contest showcased the beauty of our city's conservation areas and the talent of the people in our community. Photographers from as far away as Burlington, Winchester, Wilmington, Arlington, Peabody and Hyde Park have submitted photos which they took while visiting Horn Pond and other Woburn conservation areas.

The photographers who took the top ten photos will receive certificates of recognition, and the creators of the top three photos will each receive a gift certificate to a local photography-related store.

We would like to thank Oliver Weiss for his invaluable work in designing the photo gallery and voting webpages for the Photo Contest.

Finally, our thanks to all the folks who cast their votes, the photographers who have shared their images of the natural beauty which can be found in Woburn and to the generous support of NSTAR, our corporate sponsor of WREN's 2006 Photo Contest.

 #1 Robert Cogan
 #2 Darpan Dand
 #3 Darpan Dand
 #4 Fred Dean
 #5 Robert Cogan
 #6 Kara Bishop
 #7 Darpan Dand
 #8 Robert Cogan
 # 9 Marlena Flannery
 #10 Marlena Flannery
 Corporate Sponsor of 2006 Photo Awards