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 Sunset/Foliage/History walk around Horn Pond
When: Sunday, Oct. 15th 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Where: The Pump-house parking lot at the south end of the Pond
What: We will walk clockwise around the Pond so as to arrive on Arlington Road for sunset. We will talk about the history of Horn Pond both natural and man-made, and the natural environment as it pertains to the foliage we might see.

This walk is suitable for all ages. We will be on the pavement at all times so it is suitable for strollers. Please no pets.

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 Organized Activities at Horn Pond
Organizers of activities with 10 or more expected participants at Horn Pond are required to obtain a Horn Pond Use Permit.
The Commission reviews each application to determine if the activity is compatible with other events which may be scheduled for the same date, and to ensure that activities are consistent with the Conservation Land Regulations and with other passive recreational uses of the area.
To seek permission to hold an organized activity at Horn Pond:
(The application is also available from the Conservation Commission office)
2) Fill it out
3) Submit the completed form to the Conservation Commission office (either in person or by mail) Conservation Commission, City Hall, 10 Common Street, Woburn, MA 0180
 Rag Rock in Woburn - Panoramic View
CLICK HERE for a Panoramic View from the Rag Rock Conservation Area in Woburn. Photo courtesy Tom Luongo
 Horn Pond Trail Map - August 2016

CLICK HERE for LARGER view of Horn Pond Trail Map

A project was kicked off on May 5, 2007, to improve trail marking at Horn Pond, and create an improved trail map. This project has been a coordinated effort between WREN and the Woburn Conservation Commission. Several wooden posts were initially installed along two trails to the west of the pond. These are known as the George W. Olson and William Ginevicz Memorial Trails. In 2008, a number of these posts were better anchored. On Conservation Day 2009 (May 2), all but one of the remaining posts were installed.

Wooden posts have now been placed not only along the Memorial Trails (those identified with red or orange bands) but also at several major trail intersections, identified only with numbers. Numbered posts correspond to numbered positions on a map. On the Memorial Trails, additional posts without numbers (but with colored bands) are included to help direct your path. The following temporary map provides the location of the posts along the major trails.

 Join Us Saturdays 9 to 11 a.m. - WREN's Weekly Horn Pond Walks Make a Difference
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Join WREN's weekly walks around Horn Pond in Woburn! Enjoy the view, watch for birds and other wildlife, and meet others who appreciate and care about Woburn's natural areas, while helping us keep the area beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Meet WREN members Rod Flynn, Lisa Weiss and others on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. We start off at 9:10 a.m. from Ice House Park on Sturgis St.

For more information about WREN events or to join our walks, email Rod Flynn at fvirgos01801@aol.com

 Aerial Photo of Horn Pond, Showing WREN's Walking Route
Untitled 1

The red line in this photo shows the route taken by WREN members during their weekly Saturday walk to clean up trash around Horn Pond. Photo courtesy of Joe Brown Digital Photography

To view a map showing the distance around Horn Pond and the Lagoon, CLICK HERE
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